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Join DIK! There are many good reasons to become a member if your profession fit in. You receive career service, union support in negotiations, professional development and income insurance.

We offer salary and employment contract guidance when you get a new job and negotiation support - if you have been given notice to quit your jo, or if there is a conflict in your workplace. We also have a reoccurring mentorship program - for those who want to grow both privately and in their work-, as well as the so-called “korta-jobb-poolen” that mediates short-term jobs.

If you should end up in a conflict with your employer we will be on your side, or even at your side. Should you need counseling or someone to represent you in a work-related legal dispute we are only a phone call away. Not to mention the income insurance we have, covering most of your salary if you become redundant or let go. It's included in the fee but depending on the regulations of "a-kassan", so be sure to join that, via us, as well.

DIK has insight into work-related issues and keeps a check on professions, education and the job market. We use our knowledge in negotiations and public opinion formation in relation to employers, politicians and decision makers.

DIK gives you the possibility to use your influence and is a strong party when it comes to negotiating the terms of your job. We enter into collective agreements that give you more advantageous terms than those regulated by the law.

In other words, becoming a member in DIK is a smart choice! Join today!