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The DIK Association is a professional association and a trade union for university graduates in the fields of culture and communication. DIK is also an association within Saco, the Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations.

The basis for membership of DIK is the formal education, training and profession of the members, as is the case of all the associations within Saco. The 20.000 members of DIK represents different professions within the field of documentation, information and culture.

Some of these professions are Antiquarian, Archivist, Archeologist, Curator, Documentalist, Editor, Informatician, Communications officer, Librarian, Marketing specialist, Museum professional, Public Relations manager, Restorer, Translator, Administrator of cultural, musical and tourist activities.

As a professional association DIK is working with issues concerning the members professional status, the quality of education and training, professional and ethical criterions, professional development, cultural politics and information politics.

DIK is also working with issues concerning labour market, trying to find means to creating new jobs and supporting unemployed members in different ways. As a trade union DIK is working with salaries and terms of employment. This is done in different ways and at different levels:

Negotiations on salaries - the association influences the results of negotiations, the affiliated organizations negotiate at the local level.

Negotiations on terms of employment - working conditions, organizational changes, issues such as security of employment, retirement and insurance.

Advice to appointed representatives and individual members - about anything from salary figures to help at negotiations.

Salary statistics - either based on DIK's own figures or information shared by negotiating parties we can provide up-to-date information on salaries in our fields.

Training - we organize courses on labour rights and negotiation techniques for appointed representatives continuously.

Labour Market - support to unemployed members.

Please feel free to contact us if you wish to know more!

The DIK Association, address: Bondegatan 21, S-116 33 Stockholm.

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